pumpuru dzimtas ģērbonis

      „Even before establishing the company, I had decided that I want to produce and offer a special and quality beer to the market of Latvia. It means that beer must be produced from classic materials, filled in glass bottles, tare, which would not influence the quality and taste of the beer and would show respect for the new production.

     Now, after a growth of 22 years, I can state with pride that I have achieved my goal, because with every month and year we receive more and more invitations for cooperation, and not just only from local companies, which obviously brings joy, but from other countries. It means that I have succeeded to create and refine such a quality and nuance of beer taste that is liked by the majority, not just the local market.

     Why Užavas alus is also the beer of Ventspils city? I, as an owner and establisher of Užavas beer brewery, was born in Ventspils, Kurzeme. There I grew up and spent my childhood. That’s why, in my opinion, city of Venstpils and the nearby Užavas parsley are related terms.

     Upon beginning to produce beer, the name „Užava” was seldom known. With pride I can state that with Užavas beer being introduced in the market (the name was chosen because of Užavas region), people have learned about Užava and thus wish to travel more around the west of Latvia, the beautiful side of Baltic Sea shore.

     It brings me joy that people do like Užavas beer and that they wish to drink a product made by the hands of Latvian citizens. I wish to say a great thank you to the staff of Užavas brewery for the faithful attitude towards their work. As an owner it is the feeling of pride for the work well done, which gives the energy and motivation to work better and better. I think that a significant meaning to this story of luck is also the national traditions of our land and the attributes of our natural product – Užavas beer is produced without chemical add-ons and asteurization.

     Thanks to the stable quality, which has remained unchanged, and, of course, the support of the fans of our beer, we can move forward in development, for example, by expanding the brewery. It has not only an economical foundation, but also a philosophical one, because not making a move forward means to stop in development, and I, as a businessman, and of course also the workers working in the company do not want that. Each next step drives us towards future, main thing is to think and evaluate what you want to reach before making the step, but don’t stop and it will take us towards achieving new goals and success.”

Uldis Pumpurs